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The organization shall be called the Georgia Consortium of Clinical Educators (GCCE).



The purpose of this organization shall be to support physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, working in the academic or clinical arenas, in the provision of excellent clinical education for students attending physical therapy or physical therapist assistant programs within the state of Georgia.



  • To provide a vehicle for encouraging and enhancing communication among all individuals involved in clinical education.

  • To encourage the coordination of clinical site internship requests with adherence to the annual national mailing date of March 1st.  

  • To serve as a resource for participating clinical educators to foster best practice strategies in clinical education.

  • To recognize outstanding clinical educators.

  • To provide continuing education in areas pertinent to clinical education.

  • To support research in clinical education.

  • To encourage the expansion and involvement of clinical educators in Georgia in the education process.

  • To participate in lobbying when aspects of clinical education become threatened.



The organization shall meet at least three times a year to conduct business.  At least one of these meetings, the Annual Meeting, shall be at a physical location, at a time and place to be designated by the elected officers.  The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be to provide programming to the clinical education membership and to transact organization business.  Any substantive decisions of the organization must be voted on by at least 55% of the voting membership.  



  • Voting members:  

    • ​One Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education/Director of Clinical Education (ACCE/DCE) representing each CAPTE-accredited, entry-level physical therapy and physical therapist assistant program in the State of Georgia.

    • Two Clinical Coordinators of Clinical Education (CCCEs) as approved by the executive committee. Preferably, CCCEs should be affiliated with sites offering a mix of clinical settings, i.e. both inpatient and outpatient; and actively involved in providing clinical education support to PT/PTA students. CCCEs may be nominated by voting members or self-nominated. The term of service for these voting members would be two years.  (Amended 06/19/15)

    • Voting members must participate in a minimum of one meeting per year.  A voting member may designate another voting consortium member in his/her absence to vote on his/her behalf.  This designation will be provided to the Secretary in writing 24 hours prior to any meeting.

  • Non-voting members

    • Any ACCE/DCE from an academic program that has achieved candidacy status from CAPTE.

    • Any CCCEs in GA.

    • Any physical therapy clinical instructor (Clinical Instructor) in GA.  



The elected officers shall be:

  • Executive Director: elected by the voting membership from the representatives of the academic programs.  

  • Director:  elected by the voting membership.

  • Secretary: elected by the voting membership.

  • Treasurer: elected by the voting membership.

  • Together these four individuals will serve as the Executive Committee.  

The Executive Director shall preside at all meetings of the organization and have in mind at all times the best interests of the organization. 


The Director shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and/or task forces. Additionally, the Director shall serve as the PTAG Education Liaison. In the event the Executive Director cannot carry out his/her duties, the Director will preside until a new Executive Director is appointed.


The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the organization and shall keep an accurate attendance count for all meetings.  In the event a website is developed, the Secretary shall be responsible for its maintenance.


The Treasurer shall maintain custody of the organization's funds and shall keep accurate financial records in accordance with State and Federal Law. The Treasurer shall report the organization’s financial status at each business meeting.


The Executive Committee may appoint other committees and/or task forces as needed to assist with operations.


Officers shall be elected annually during the month of June and shall begin the term of office on July 1. Elections for officers may be done electronically. Terms of office for the inaugural Executive Committee that will begin serving July 1 shall be two years for the positions of Executive Director and Treasurer and one year for the positions of Director and Secretary.  Thereafter, terms of office for all positions shall be two years. The Executive Director and Treasurer elections will be held in even years, and the Director and Secretary elections will be held in odd years.  Having office terms that expire in both odd and even years should ensure greater continuity within the Executive Committee from year to year. (Amended 06/19/15)



Any amendments to these bylaws shall be approved at the Annual Meeting by 66 percent of the voting membership. Amendments to the bylaws should be shared with the voting members a minimum of six weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.



Dues for each fiscal year shall be $300 for each physical therapy program member and $150 for each physical therapist assistant program member.  The fiscal year shall begin July 1 of each year and continue through June 30. Dues shall be paid by December 15 for the initial term.

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